VOICE001: Banshee- "A Sea of Heads" cassette
Southwestern Black/Doom Metal, limited 100 copies

VOICE002: Arenavore- " winds..." cassette
Drone/ambient/noise.  Limited to 5+7+5 copies  SOLD OUT

VOICE004: Lost and Dying of Thirst II
mini 'zine with interviews with Persistence in Mourning and Mania

The following releases are in the works.  No release dates will be set yet due to the constantly shifting nature of our lifestyles.  Both of the following will be released as pro-duplicated tapes to preserve the audio integrity of every copy.

VOICE005: Arenavore- "Kosmo-Naught; a spirit adrift before the dawn of time"
Full length collection of ambient/noise/experimental/slap-dash drone recordings.

VOICE006(66): Malpais- "Desolate"
Compiling one track from the "Desert Drone Rehearsals" demo (sourced from the original master recording for somewhat superior sound), as well as one of the final Malpais rehearsal recordings and a recording from the center of the band's existence.  This release will include all material written by this short-lived funereal death drone band.

Actual release dates will be posted as the above releases approach completion.  Both will be released simultaneously.  The below release is also in the works, as well as a release by Old Ephraim and the third issue of Lost and Dying of Thirst.

VOICE007: Banner of Heaven- "The Spread Claws of the Eagle"
Frantic, levitational black metal.  To be released on limited dubbed cassettes.  Release date TBA.